Residential Cesspool & Septic Pumping

What Is a Cesspool/Septic Tank System?

A septic system is a mini on-site sewage treatment system that is installed when municipal sewers are not available.

How Does a Cesspool/Septic System Work?

Waste water leaves your home through a pipe called the main line. From here it goes to the first tank ( main or septic tank ).

This is where the solids and liquids are separated by gravity.

When the waste is broken down, the heavy digested solids accumulate on the bottom as sludge.

The lighter material called the scum floats on top.

In the middle is the effluent.

Servicing Your Cesspool and Septic Tank

Your septic tank should be serviced at least every two years by a licensed septic hauler (as recommended by the county health department) to help prevent solids from entering the cesspool.

This will help avoid costly backups and repairs to the cesspool or what is commonly refereed to as the overflow or leaching pool.

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